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About the Trust

From 1944 to 1986, nearly 30 million tons of uranium ore were extracted from Navajo lands under leases with the Navajo Nation. Today the mines are closed, but a legacy of uranium contamination remains, including over 500 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs) as well as homes and drinking water sources with elevated levels of radiation.

In 2016, the Navajo Nation entered into the Phase 2 Settlement Agreement with the United States of America allowing for Removal Site Evaluations (RSE) at 30 AUM sites and 2 water studies on Navajo lands. Addendum 1 to this agreement established the funding and listed the first set of 13 mine sites situated in the Cameron and Coalmine Canyon Chapter areas and 1 water study to be conducted at Claim 28 in the Blue Gap – Tachee Chapter area.

On January 12, 2017, Derrith Watchman-Moore was selected to serve as the Phase 2 RSE Trustee for an initial 3-year period.   Later that year, the Trustee established operations in the Navajo Pine Shopping Center located in Navajo, New Mexico.  An all Navajo team was hired to assist with the day-to-day operations of the Trust.  These positions include:  a Corporate Management Accountant, a Community Relations Coordinator, and an Executive Assistant.   An environmental and engineering consultant – Ecology & Environment, Inc. – was also selected by the Trustee to develop technically sound and science-based solutions in completing environmental investigations in compliance with CERCLA/Superfund guidance, laws, and regulations at AUM sites.

 To further enhance the Phase 2 RSE Trust and to provide an educational experience in CERCLA/Superfund site investigations and management of an environmental response trust on the Navajo Nation, the Trustee seeks qualified Navajo individuals to serve in an internship under the mentorship of the Trustee.



The Phase 2 RSE Trust seeks two qualified Navajo college students interested to learn more about CERCLA/Superfund environmental response methods and managing an environmental response trust.  Two qualified candidates will by mentored by the Trustee and other professionals including the Corporate Management Accountant and the Community Relations Coordinator.  The interns will gain experience in project and /or event management, public relations, and technical field operations.


·         Project Management

Assist the Trustee in preparing and reviewing documents of a technical and administrative nature related to environmental sampling, quality assurance & quality control, technical reporting, and schedules.   Participates in the support of executive management.  Participates in the day-to-day activities of the assigned functional area assisting in the completion of non-routine and advanced tasks assigned by the Trustee.  Assists in applying knowledge to analyze, investigate and resolve non-routine problems.  Assists in developing electronic and hard copy reports, records, diagrams and charts.  Performs other duties as assigned or required.


·         Community Outreach

Formulate information and public messages concerning general concepts related to environmental investigations implemented by the Phase 2 RSE Trust (and contractors) on the Navajo Nation, environmental impacts associated with uranium mining, and explaining the “Superfund” process of investigation and/or removal action to Navajo communities, the Navajo Government officials, and the general public.  Prepare materials for various outreach events including chapter, informational, and community meetings in which the Trust operates.  Formulate diagrams to explain the Trust’s internal organizational chart and its relationship to oversight agencies.  Establish a timeline to show the origin and the work of the Trust.  Assist with updates to the Trust’s website and Facebook page.  Accompany Community Relations Coordinator to residences of persons living near AUMs to provide updates about the work of the Trust.  Design display board presentations for upcoming tribal fairs showcasing the progress made by the Trust.  Prepare Community Toolbox with informational material for each AUM Region, emergency contact information, maps, and visual aids. Learn Navajo geological terms and other Navajo terms relating to Navajo AUM and remediation work.  Assist with finalizing and editing audio recording describing the Navajo CERCLA process.

·         Information Preparation

Responsible for preparing and formatting information for internal/external distribution with guidance by the Trustee.  This may include writing letters and reports using MS Word, compiling data for reports, creating MS PowerPoint presentations, transcribing, dictation, editing, proofreading, attending meetings in local communities, and other information preparation duties for the Trustee.

·         Environmental Project and Presentation Design

An internship project in environmental trust management or community relations & outreach will highlight the experience with the Trust.  The interns will conduct this project with Trustee oversight using research, interview, analytical, and study methods in the affected community environment. Present project to Trustee and Agency representatives at the conclusion of the internship.  

This is an opportunity for the intern to share their internship experience with the Trustee and oversight Agencies; it also provides a way to assess the overall internship course for the enhancement of future internship opportunities.

Presentation Guidelines:

1.      Students are required to attend the entire presentation session, unless they are outside the Navajo, NM area (for whom alternative plans will be made).

2.      Students are required to wear a business professional suit.

3.      Presentation must last no longer than 10 minutes, and will be followed by a 5-minute “question and answer” period.

4.      Presentation must be made using PowerPoint slides, and must include:

a.      An overview of the internship site, including a brief description of its functions, personnel, on-site supervisor, etc.;

b.      A brief description of the internship responsibilities;

c.       A brief description of the challenges and successes experienced during the internship;

d.      A very detailed description of the Special Project (the bulk of the time should be devoted to this);

e.      A description of what was learned from the experience and how it can be applied in the future; and

f.        A statement of future (professional and / or academic) plans.



·         Current enrollment as an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral student at a recognized college or university.

·         Engineering, Environmental Science, Geology, Biology degree or other related technical discipline.

·         Excellent writing and listening skills required.

·         Good communication and interpersonal skills to enable effective interface with Internal and external clients and the general public.

·         The ability to work independently or in a team environment.

·         Basic computer skills.

·         Knowledge of Navajo cultural norms, practices, and general Navajo philosophy. Navajo language proficiency preferred.

·         Possess a valid state driver’s license, vehicle, and proof of automobile insurance are required for this position.


This position is full-time, seasonal; and compensated on an Hourly Rate of $15.00 per hour.

No health benefits are available.


A six-week paid internship.



Navajo, New Mexico, or near the abandoned uranium mine sites of the Phase 2 RSE Trust.  Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Tachee – Blue Gap Chapter residency preferred.

Resume, college transcripts and cover letter due by: OUF

How to Apply:

  • Email resume, college transcripts and cover letter to - trustee2@navajoaumtrust2.org or mail to Phase 2 RSE Trust, PO Box 3532, Window Rock, AZ 86515

For more information call: 505.777.2393

This position is funded by the Phase II RSE Trust with funds from a settlement agreement with the U.S. Government.

The Phase II RSE Trust is an equal opportunity and Navajo Preference Employer.


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