Navajo AUM RSE Trust Phase 2

Our Approach


The work of Phase 2 RSE Trust is investigative in nature only, and general site access has been granted by the Navajo Nation to the Trustee, including contractors, employees and associated partners.


Community members have an opportunity to become involved in the cleanup activities and help shape cleanup decisions. The Phase 2 Trustee and her team of experts conduct community meetings to inform the public on the details and progress of the Trust’s mines.


The Phase 2 Trustee and her team of experts meet regularly, in coordination with USEPA and NNEPA, with chapter officials, residents and community members regarding the mines located in all the abandoned uranium trust mine region.

Where We Work

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Western AUM Region

There are more than 100 abandoned uranium mines (AUMs) in the Western AUM Region. These mines are generally located along the Little Colorado River and Highway 89, and are in the Cameron, Coalmine Canyon, Boadway/Gap, and Leupp Chapters. The first set of Phase 2 Trust mines are situated between the Cameron and Coalmine Canyon Chapters. The Trust will also be conducting a water study at Claim 28 in Blue Gap / Tachee Chapter.

Mines in the Western AUM Region were operated in the 1950s and 1960s by a number of different companies before being abandoned. While the Navajo Nation Abandoned Mine Lands program addressed many of the physical hazards associated with these mines, USEPA Region IX and Navajo Nation EPA are working to address remaining chemical and radiological hazards that may pose a risk to community members.

Our Progress

We're passionate about solving the AUM crisis on Navajo in our lifetime. Here's the progress we've made since we started working in early 2018.