Navajo AUM RSE Trust Phase 2

Navajo Led

The RSE Phase II Trust team is an all Navajo team from different areas of the Navajo Nation. Each member brings professional experience and the passion to leverage their talents/experience for the good our people and land.

People Driven

Our driving purpose is the betterment of our families and relatives. We meet no strangers on Navajo, we only meet family and relatives. Thus, this effort is personal and the cause is near to our heart. Our people drive our efforts and our intentions are always in view of our family and relatives.

Culturally Mindful

Our land is a gift and thus needs to be steward well. In the an effort like this we want to keep the delicacy and sacredness of our land in the forefront of our decisions. We also want to be voice to outside agencies, to educate them on the delicacy of working with our land and alongside our people.